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Covid19 in Italy

When coronavirus infection landed in Italy, in January 2020, it first took home in a rural countryside area of Northern Italy, in Lombardy, near the Po river. No-one noticed it. Patient zero was pretty young and strong, so he kept on running his own social life, infecting many people nearby. Some of them got couch …

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Your “Best Nine”? or not?

For Instagram users, it has become common, at the end of the year, to create and publish his own “best nine” photos, the ones that reached more consent in terms of likes during the year. I had mine too, but this year I got used to understand a bit more on the Instagram algorithm, that, …

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Correnti Island

The southern part of Sicily… The very place where Ionian Sea & Mediterranean Sea merge together! I spent a day here, with the family, at the end of August. It was a windy day, as often hereby! We were happily flooded by sand & waves! Ok, but what’s the bottom line here? Different winds bring …